What to do with all those T-shirts…

I’m ticking away at my to-do list I lined out in our little mini-challenge last week. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  1. Wash/dust light fixtures
  2. Clean fans
  3. Dust behind/under furniture
  4. Vacuum couches and chairs
  5. Magic eraser footboards
  6. Wipe down doors/Magic eraser scuff marks
  7. Wash curtains/windex interior windows (wash slip cover as well)
  8. Re-seal kitchen floors (We had some work done on the house recently. More on that later.)
  9. Re-seal bathroom floors
  10. Power wash back porch
  11. Wash exterior windows
  12. Thin out monkey grass
  13. Touch-up/re-glue loose gravel on porch extension
  14. Prime trim in kitchen (More on the kitchen’s face-lift soon)
  15. Paint trim in kitchen (1st coat)
  16. Paint trim in kitchen (2nd coat)
  17. Poly coat trim in kitchen
  18. Clean out clothes I don’t wear (or that make me unhappy!) from closet
  19. Clean out clothes I don’t wear (or that make me unhappy!) from drawers
  20. Read a book and relax!
  21. Dust Walls
  22. Trim Rose Bushes

Typical for me, I added things to the list as I went. (ex: Well, I’ve got the ladder out, I might as well dust the walls.) That’s why things take me so long! But, I think I deserve credit for them.

There’s just something about drawing a line through things that makes my heart content. Done. Done. I’m a little behind where I should be if I were to do one a day, but I’m just happy with the fact that progress is being made.

Enough about work, my mind is on quilting right now. I have a stack of t-shirts that I’ve intended to make into a t-shirt quilt for a while now.

It just hasn’t made it high enough on the list to get tackled. I did start on it a while back, but then set it aside. Which is probably a good thing, because now, I’m thinking of taking it a different direction. Good thing I didn’t finish it, then come across this pattern from Pin.Sew.Press (her quilt was inspired by one by Film in the Fridge:

I’m loving the different sized squares and the use of white. You’ll notice that each square is either a white square topped with a color or a colored square topped with white. That really ties the whole quilt together.

I’m really loving the thought of doing my t-shirt quilt like this. However, I’m having a few hiccups. I’m intending for this to be a drag anywhere quilt that I keep in my car. So, I’m not sure white would be a good idea for that. What if I just used another solid color to help tie it all together? But what color? The t-shirts themselves are lots of different colors, so I think it would need to be a neutral. Grey? Black? Beige? I’m just wondering if I’ll love the quilt as much if it’s not based in white. You know my obsession with white…

Really though, I’m going to sit on this one a while longer. I’m about to go back to work full-time for a few months and I don’t think I’ll have much time to quilt. You never know. I may have more time than I think!

Have a great week!


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